Living Model Session



With Jeanne Robert, the model



Daring, with an intensified energy of a naked body, of a vibrating human being.

Daring and making noise in our prudish privacy.

Reverently, induce light and give food for personal achievement.

Here is the purpose of the experimental workshop.


One Saturday a month, from 10h30 to 13h30

Free session, without teacher.


For groups from 5 (minimum required) up to 10 participants.


Yearly suscription begins on the subscription day.


Price: 19€/session + 21€ for the yearly membership


19€X8 sessions = 152€/year, begining october

Irredeemable, exchangeable with somebody who pay the membership card.


The schedule dates for 2010:


February 6th                       May 8th

March 27th                         June 26th

April 3rd


Check your diary!