The “flock keeper” is a theatre mask exhibition created in 2005 by ‘Compagnie Azur et les Aéroplanes’.


« I have never kept flocks,

But it’s just as if I had.

I am a flock keeper

My flock being my thoughts

And all my thoughts are sensations.

When I write lines on paper set in my thoughts

I feel my hands clenching a shepherd’s crook. »


Poems by Alberto Cairo. Fernando Pessoa – The flock keeper


Echoing Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa, both the keeper of a flock of poets and the inspired wearer of invisible and subtle masks, we have brought into life our theatrical version of ‘The flock keeper’.


“Each story is a theatrical adventure. In each adventure, I have selected

a universal and poetic moment, the frozen frame of a life emotion.

Let you be, even if for a while, the keeper of my flock of stories....”

Patricia Gattepaille


By stimulating the spectator’s curiosity and reflection and enveloping them in a lasting feeling, emotion arises from silence and darkness, recapturing words whispered to pilgrims by the sculptures of the Abbey of Moissac (France) and the Temples of Dunhuang (China).



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