Tomorrow at dawn



"Tomorrow at dawn" is a performance which relates the creation of the universe. It is inspired from the very ancient book of the Mayas, the Pop Wuh, or 'Book of the Time' of the Mayas Ki-Che.


At that time, there was nothing, nobody, only night.

The great bird Kukmats brought the sky and the earth,

trees and mountains, to life.

He was wondering who would create the living on the earth.

So, the bosom of the sooth sayer old woman gave birth

to all the birds of the world...



It is a 45mn show for anyone from 6 years old.







A painter reveals to us the story of the human beings to come...


As the tale goes on, some painted shapes and shadows ans surprises apear and disappear on a drop scene.

From time to time, music gives rhythm to this legend which finally ends by questioning us on our today's world.


A moment of dream, discovery, enchantment which brings us through the time.


With Patricia Gattepaille, visual artist.





This show is a free adaptation of Pop Wuh, which tells the story of the creation of the world according to the Mayas and born from oral tradition.

This book was burnt by conquerors but the story survived.

Its originality and its colors have prompted me to a staging which revives words from the mists of the past.

Isn't it urgent to preserve ancient wisdom to look ahead?

Patricia Gattepaille 


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