Welcome to the website of the company 'Azur et les Aéroplanes'


'Azur et les Aéroplanes' is a theatre mask company.




 What the genius of mankind has invented to celebrate

 gods and nature to mourn the dead, glorify the living, laugh,

provoke awe or admiration, educate, celebrate love, solemnize

meetings, mock, recite poetry and cure...

All this has been done by calling on the mask.







In theatre, the Mask is a sculpture as much as it is a character.

One does not wear a Mask thoughtlessly but with lightness and precision.


We wil mask them all!

... just to clear things up... 


Resolutly turned towards contemporary forms of expression,

'Azur et les Aéroplanes' has chosen to explore the infinite and extraordinary fields of the mask as well as puppetry and other dramatic sculptures, genuine instruments at the service of the stage and the performance.

The company leads professionals to explore new territories in dramatic arts.


'Azur et les Aéroplanes' develops its activities towards four directions:


-'Sculptors of stories': Mask and puppets design at the service of theatre companies. To know more, click here.


-A show, 'A day, the night': an antic tale adapted with contemporary style.

To know more, click here.


- 'Masks & Co.' workshop: training courses in dramatic arts (masks & puppets) for everyone and professionals.

To know more, click here.




To visit us:


Compagnie Azur et les Aéroplanes

3 place Croix Paquet

69001 Lyon



tel.: 00 33 472 265 005

Mobile: 00 33 662 528 782

Metro: 'Place Croix Paquet' or 'Hôtel de Ville'

e-mail: cie.azur@gmail.com